Consulting available through Next Move Consulting


  • Business Analytics 
    • Understand your business data and turn it into actionable intelligence to move your business forward and improve the bottom line.
    • Find the information necessary to make good data driven decisions and steer your business with confidence.
    • Use Spend Analysis to understand where your money is going and start utilizing it more effectively.
    • Create interactive dashboards to understand your organization through it’s numbers
  • Operations Reviews 
    • Map out your process and information flows to identify opportunities for improvement and remove barriers within your business
    • Conduct improvement workshops with key members of your organization to bring their improvement ideas to life.
    • Lead task forces to target and eliminate particular pain points within your organization.
  • Financial Reviews 
    • Review & gain comprehension of financial business process flows (i.e. AP, AR, & closing procedures); based upon findings make corrective recommendations
    • Focus on ineffective communication & data from other departments causing constant late or incorrect invoicing
    • Review budget and budgeting process to understand constant excess of expected budgets


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