These are a few projects that I currently have on the works both fiction and non fiction, and their current progress. Given that I currently have a full time job, the progress is slower than I would like, but I am fully committed on having these projects published soon.

The Analyst mindset: Data Driven Decisions

Book detailing the necessary mindset needed to make data driven decisions in corporate & small business settings, focusing on understanding, cleaning, dissecting, and presenting data, to create actionable business insights.

Current Progress 80% Written

The Logistics Advantage: Common Sense, Logistics, & Transportation

A practical book on the basics of  Transportation Logistics, with an emphasis of day to day practicality, common sense, and the classic pitfalls that come from not having enough experience in the field. This book is perfect for Logistics and Supply Chain Students, Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs with logistics responsibilities, and experienced professionals entering into a Logistics role.

Current Progress: 100% Written, undergoing editing

Game Theory in Supply Chain

This book focuses on the micro-interactions and games happening daily across the supply chain, as well as strategies for optimizing those activities for a stronger, more agile, and effective supply chain. Topics such as “Analyzing the Transportation Market to derive sourcing strategies” “Using Nash Equilibrium to solve Conflicting Production goals” “Brinkmanship and Competition against market competitors” and “Aligning goals between Managers and Employees to create win win situations and manage effective change”

Current Progress: 35% Written

Memoirs of a Liar

A character driven, psychological thriller about the american dream viewed philosophically from the eyes of a cold calculating protagonist. The book explores the american dream, and the calculated moral choices the main character has to make in order to keep it.

Current Progress: 100% Written, undergoing editing

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